Support us
You may not know this but even though we release freeware we still put a lot of money into it's creation.
We pay for a lot of things to make scenery, things like:
Buying the rights to ground images
Paying for third party textures
Travelling to the airport (if it's in the UK)
Paying for promotional services
Renewing subscriptions (website hosting etc..)
If we visit the airport we usually end up having to buy a press pass and those are in no way cheap (for example a press pass for EGLL Heathrow is £255 + travel)
For a while we have relied heavily on our payware releases and google ads, but we don't want to cover our site in ads just to earn a quick penny.
If you like our scenery and wish to support us we will be very grateful.
The more support we get from the community the higher the scenery's quality will be.
We will be able to afford higher def ground images, more tools and of course more time to focus on building scenery.
You can support us by buying our scenery, sending a donation, or simply by spreading the word of our YouTube channel
Each and every donation, no matter how big or small is not pocketed, it is kept in our PayPal and used to buy scenery related resources.
Remember that we will never ask you directly for money so any purchase or donation made should only be done so if you choose to.