Request overview

When submitting a request please take note of the following;


Your request will be declined if..


  • The airport has been over published by other authors (e.g Heathrow)

  • Aireal imagery for the area is poor

  • The airport is very large (e.g O'Hare, Orlando, DFW)

  • You tell/ask us to make a better version than another author (freeware or payware)

  • You ask for custom objects like signs and hangars in a realworld airport

  • You want additional extras for another authors scenery (unless we get the rights to do so)


Your request will be moved down the list.. 


  • When a Soarfly project gets demand

Soarfly Concepts has but one designer and he tries to keep everyone happy, a Soarfly project be it scenery or Soarfly Media comes first.


  • If you attempt to rush us

If you want your scenery faster by all means ask about progress but do not try to rush us for this will only have you waiting longer.


  • If we lack resources (in severe cases this may also mean it's removal from the list

If we have nothing to work with we have nothing to help the scenery look its best. Some times this can result in the scenery being removed from the public list because we wouldn't want to advertise a scenery we can't provide.


  • We get demand for a change (Fictional scenery only)

If you have sent in a request for a fictional airport you are the designer, we simply deliver. If you want to make changes they will be done, however you can expect other projects taking the highter places on the list due to less demand for fictional airports.


Use the map below to check there is good quality imagery for your airport



You can request;

  • Airports

  • Sea Plane Ports

  • SFIX application to AFCAD

  • Scenery Objects

  • Textures

  • Fictional Airports

  • Installers for your scenery

  • permission to use our objects


You cannot request;

  • Updates

  • 3rd party additions

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