This is our one and only payware release.

A lot of work has gone into making this cheap and affordable but yet as real as we can using the limited funds available.


For this scenery we have upped the quality from our standard HD to a new level.


North Central State is a small airport located in North Rhode Island, it serves small aircraft, flight training and a masterplan to come into effect in a few years will allow it to grow to a reagional airfield.




  • High resolution ground image

  • High definition ground detailing

  • Illuminated taxiway centre light effect

  • Illuminated Apron effects from Airport Wizard (Rights obtained)

  • Precision placed trees and vehicles

  • New HD night lighting

  • 3D approach lights

  • PAPIs

  • Summer/Winter variations

  • Photo realistic textures

  • Customised AFCAD for improved AI


System requirements


To run this scenery and obtain the stunning looks seen below we reccomend the following:

2.6ghz Processor


HD Compatible video card




North Central State

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