Scenery Upload

Before you upload your scenery, please know that we need you to have your addon in a zip folder (.zip) you should first upload it to a file sharing site such as Google Drive or Dropbox then in the form below send us the link to the file, screenshots of the scenery can be in the zip folder or linked in the "description" section. We highly recommend you add 5 screenshots and if you do link them in the "description" section add the link or links before your product description. After you have added everything you want, hit the send info button. When we recieve your scenery it will be scanned for viruses, tested and if you request it, an installer will be created for you. After all this is done it will appear on our 3rd Party page with in 24 hours of you hitting that button. 

Things to include in your zip folder.

1. Your scenery (needed.. seriously)

2. A read me file, containing at least 1 form of contact for support

3. Screenshots

Note if your Readme has no support contact the file will be rejected

Success! Message received.